Sweet Kisses & Valentine's Wishes

Happy Wednesday and Happy Valentine's Day, my lovelies! Although not that important a holiday for my Prince and I, as we prefer to show our love year round, I still love the sweet air that Valentine's brings about! Heart shaped balloons, bundles of roses, sugary goodies, and pretty little bows atop parcels. On appearance alone, it's seemingly almost a more pink Christmas! And what better way to celebrate love than by loving yourself? This year, while relaxing in the warmest and fluffiest bath listening to old French tunes, I dreamt up a little wishlist of goodies perfect for Valentine's (or any occasion, if you so wish it)! 

1. Forever21 Gingham Ruffle Trim Dress: whilst I'm typically not a fan of more mature dress shapes, I am most definitely a fan of frills and gingham! This darling dress from Forever21 sings Spring to me, ready for a little picnic on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower in mid-May. Of course, if you ask me, this little number would pair oh so perfectly with the new Liz Lisa Lace Up Round Purse and Lace Wedge Pumps from their Spring 2018 collection.

2. Stacyy Evening Bag: just a bit ago, my Prince and I went with a few friends of ours to one of the largest outlet malls here in Florida. My main priorities were of course, to visit the Kate Spade and Ted Baker outlets, where they have an array of overstocked and out of season items, ranging from shoes to purses and even clothes. Of course, I managed to fall head over heels for this little crossbody clutch, even with the still $60 price tag and it's small stature! Now, $60 may seem a steal for a Ted Baker purse, but if you're anything like me, you're overtly frugal and far from a purse collector, which made justifying the desire for it a tad more difficult. Fast forward to a few days post-visit, and I stumbled upon the same beauty, brand new, on Poshmark for substantially less than even the outlet! I was both shocked and pleased because I simply knew it was meant to be, even if it meant switching the contents of my purse to rid the hoardings in my large floral Liz Lisa tote I use on the daily (what can I say, it's a small price to pay for a small gem).  

3. Too Faced Natural Love Palette: what's not to love about bunny noses and lace teddies? Again, as someone with luxury tastes on a not so luxurious budget, the moment I laid eyes on this palette, I knew my wallet wouldn't be too pleased with me. Never in my life have I found myself so eagerly willing to spend such an amount on makeup as I did when I saw this. Filled with the softest pinks and creams, this palette is perfect for any princess wanting to add a little bit of sweetness to their daily makeup routine. 

4. Laura Ashley Blush Pink Medium Bell Alarm Clock: I'm sure you're thinking "How old fashioned of you, Lulu. Nobody uses an actual alarm clock these days!", and you'd be right to think so! However, I like to think little clocks like this are timeless! This little blush pink beauty with its rose gold detailing is a lovely accessory for any shabby chic nightstand or sideboard, as a simple decoration or for practical use, if you so choose! 

5. Nude Heart Sunglasses: in the spirit of 14th, these heart shades are perfect not only for the Valentine's hype, but for the sunny Spring and Summer days sure to follow suit. I purchased my first pair of heart glasses back in secondary/high school during the height of my "gyaru" phase and since then, they've taken off, faded out, and come back in style all within 5 years. If you're looking to show off your love for la vie en rose and the world around you, these statement shades are the way to do so! 

6. Etude House Play Colour Eyes in Cherry Blossom: it's quite safe to say I may be addicted to eye shadow shades and beautiful palettes like this are the exact reason why. With colours reminiscent of Valentine's hues, from love pinks to chocolate browns, this slim palette is pure, shimmery love to celebrate Valentine's day and more. 

7. Liz Lisa Rose Trench Coat: unfortunately, the dusty pink is sold out, which is a shame with how I'd been eyeing it so desperately. I was hoping it would hold stock until I got paid, but alas, such a perfect item was bound to sell out (and fast)! This coat is the perfect amount of girly and sophisticated, ready for those cooler Spring mornings as you set out for the day, heels high and head higher.

8. Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears: from the glitter to bow to rose gold, these Minnie ears are as perfect as can be for Disney and rose gold lovers alike. The Disney princess in my heart is simply gasping at the sight of such beautiful ears. What better a place to show off in these than the happiest place on earth? Of course, these aren't the first character ears that have me in a frenzy. I couldn't resist buying myself a pair of Shellie May and Duffy ears for a (hopefully soon to be) Disney coordinate and perhaps one day, I'll get my hands on a pair of Marie ears from Tokyo Disney Sea. A girl can dream~ 

9. Pearlessence Coconut + Rose facial oil: perhaps one of my cheapest stumble-upon's recently is this little bottle of pure bliss. Now be warned, those with oily skin may feel uneasy at the thought of dowsing your skin with, well, oil; but for someone like myself, this has been a saviour. Though winters don't tend to be too harsh here in Florida, I still can feel a difference in the elasticity and moisture my skin exhibits, as by now it's far used to hot and humid days. It's similar to the thrill of wearing your favourite face mask, minus the often drippy droppy mess and tick tock of the clock. If you find even the slightest bit of dryness in your skin, treat yourself to this floral favourite of mine. Oh, and added bonus points for being cruelty free and a steal ($5 at TJMaxx)! 

10. Romantic Homes Subscription: I adore a good read every now and then, especially a magazine as beautiful as Romantic Homes. It may seem a bit outdated to have a magazine subscription, especially considering how available inspiration is these days with sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr; but as for myself, I love the physical aspect of flipping mindlessly through the pages full of cosy cottages and their decor! 

A little something extra...
Liz Lisa Floral Furry Tote: A cute little accessory for any winter outfit, the warm floral pattern of this tote is sure to keep you nice and cosy this Valentine's! Order now with code 'LULU' to receive 5% off of your Kawaii Gyaru Shop purchase! 

Liz Lisa Gingham Jumperskirt: What could be sweeter than delicate lace, baby blue gingham and rose bundles at such an unbelievable price? 10% off with code 'DOLLIELULU', of course! 

With love, always,

Floral Fancy ; Sky Rose Review

❀ Hello Daffodils! 
I've been on a bit of a roll with reviews lately, it makes me extremely happy to have something to share with you all! Today's little letter is going to be all about a new Japanese fashion brand that's been floating about the Instagram community recently, known as Sky Rose!

When I initially came across the advert that Sky Rose was looking for promoters, I shied away from the opportunity. The brand comes across as an elegant mix of sweet girly and mature girly, similar to the pieces Emiria Wiz creates; and with beautiful Nachos as the selling model and lovely Alice promoting them, I thought the brand to be out of my league. Still, with reassurance from the sweetest girls of the Liz Lisa IG community, I took a leap and was accepted as an official promoter! ~yay! I was beyond excited to receive the opportunity to review and share my opinions with the many J-Fashion gals who have been buzzing about this brand since launch!
Please note, while the item in the review below was sponsored by Sky Rose, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
About Sky Rose
Sky Rose is a brand formed in 2017, from a team passionate about creating timeless designs that help girls feel their cutest; whether the occasion is a work setting, a late night date, or when one simply wants to feel their best, Sky Rose is dedicated to making girls worldwide smile through fashion.
Unlike many a Japanese brand, Sky Rose has worked closely with westerners from the start and has taken great consideration when forming the heart of their brand to better cater J-Fashion lovers worldwide. They not only offer shipping worldwide straight from their web-shop, they also offer a wider selection of sizes to choose from, so more girls may have the opportunity to experience their clothing line. 
You can check out their social media with the links below:
フィッシュテイルマキシーとボレローセット|Drop Back Dress & Bolero SET
Material: Chiffon & Lace
Size: S, Length: 126~130 |Bust: 90~94|Waist: 66~70
Price: ¥13,000 exc. tax
Prior to receiving the dress, I had received an email from Sky Rose entailing of the discount set that would be offered to commence this new drop back dress. Their current promotion offers a free bolero with the purchase of this dress, of course only while supplies last! While this review is of the dress only, please don't miss your chance for the free bolero if you're considering this dress even in the slightest! 
Once again, I don't have proper photos of the enveloping for the dress, though I don't believe it's anywhere near as lovely as the inside! Inside, however, the dress was wrapped pristine in an airtight bag, with their logo printed on the front. How cute is that? 
Even their tag was beautifully designed, printed with a lovely rose and their catchphrase, "Freedom Like The Sky, Beauty Like The Rose". While the colours are slightly more pink than my usual pastel tones, the idea of owning a dress in a rose hue makes me feel closer to the flowers I admire so very much.🌹
After pulling the dress from the bag, what first caught my eye were the details that adorned the front! Prior to, I had only seen the dress on Nachos, and wasn't quite able to see the gem studs and lacy frills! It was certainly a lovely surprise! 
The prong set studs were securely sewn on, not even the littlest bit loose, which is often a problem I run into with accents like gems or even buttons! What they say is true, you get what you pay for: and if I'm going to be paying for something, I prefer the embellishments to all be in tact! The two lace bows on front are sewn on, so while you can't remove them, they look too cute to want to, in my own opinion. With a price point of ¥13,000 (not including the ¥5500 bolero, currently free with purchase) excluding tax, I wouldn't want or expect any less. 
The back, quite possibly my favourite part, is a traditional corset style, very similar to a few Liz Lisa designs! I simply love styles like this, not only for looks, but for the versatility they give to the wearer. I gave the strings a decent tug, just for good measure, and nothing seemed to pull from the sides. While I wouldn't suggest being rough with them, they are quite durable for those who may need to pull them just that bit tighter...
Then, after a closer study of the pattern of the dress, I noticed their logo printed on among the rose buds. Once again, this is very similar to what Liz Lisa and even Ank Rouge has done in the past, and seems to be quite popular for Japanese brands aimed at younger women. 
As stated at the beginning, the material is a chiffon with lace detailing, and a white slip sewn on underneath. While I love maxi dresses, I often run into a problem with material...either there's no slip underneath or the entire dress is made of cotton, which isn't exactly suitable for Florida's two seasons: warm and boiling.
Now, whether or not this is a perk is entirely up to the wearer, however this dress comes with built in bra cups. For someone such as myself, it's a bit of a blessing in disguise as it makes my chest seem bigger than it truly is. While I didn't quite have enough to fill it out, the consideration was welcomed. With that being said, it could be a downfall for others who may have trouble fitting into these preshaped cups, which poses a problem! Please do yourself a favour and carefully read the sizing before purchase to ensure that you have no trouble fitting into the top. 
Overall Review 
Service/shipping: After the initial email exchange, Sky Rose was kind enough to let me know my dress was on it's way. If you sign up for an account, you'll be able to view your order history, status, and all of the important details! From the date of which it was posted to the date it arrived at my doorstop, EMS shipping took only 3 days to process. I was amazed at the speed, although it could just be that I was lucky with shipments! 
Quality: As an overall score, I'm thrilled with the quality of this dress. The chiffon is light-weight and the print is clearly visible, with no pixelating or stretching of the images or print. The stitching along the seams is uniform and I while there were few loose thread ends to snip, that happens with just about every article of clothing! The lace, while a bit heavier in material, isn't jagged or hard, nor is it itchy as it lines along the underarm. The straps are thin and adjustable, similar to the corset of the back, giving the wearer the choice of how high, low, tight, or loose they'd like to wear it! 
Price: At ¥13,000, excluding tax and shipping, I would most definitely have to desire this dress greatly to purchase it on a whim. Otherwise, I would personally either wait for a sale or save for it over a period of time. It's not to say the item isn't worth the price, as the quality absolutely warrants the high price tag; however, Sky Rose gives off a luxurious brand feel and their price point most certainly reflects it.

Below you'll find shots of the dress worn. It was an absolutely perfect choice for the local flower gardens, where I felt as beautiful as the flowers themselves...

The biggest thank you to my dearest friend Mike for not only putting up with my incessant whining about the heat, aching feet, and more, but for taking these lovely photos for me! You're the real star this time around~
I'm as a happy as a bumblebee in a fresh flower field! For someone who initially was concerned about not suiting a dress with a more mature look, I couldn't be more pleased with it. Sky Rose's words of finding comfort within the clothes you wear truly resonates with me when I wear this piece, as I felt a whole new sense of me. While the future may bring more cutesy Sky Rose designs for me, I'll always treasure this dress and the majesty I felt when wearing it. I may not have a million dollars, but I sure feel like it in this dress. ♡
If you're interested in a piece from the ever so lovely Sky Rose, please use my coupon code 'lulurose10' to receive 10% off of your purchase. As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and I hope this may have been helpful for you!

With love, always,

Second-hand Airmail ; Dejapan Mini Haul

❀ Hello Poppies! ❀
I'm back again with another DEJAPAN review, this time, a non-sponsored post about my personal experience using the shopping service! I often find that others have their worries about a service that is sponsored. There's often a stigma that the company may be providing the best quality service based solely on how the user will review them! While I've never encountered that myself, I do like to support the companies that I partner with. So today, I'm writing with my own purchases from Yahoo! JP Auctions, through DEJAPAN as my shopping service.
A quick review...
You can read my previous post about DEJAPAN here, where I reviewed their service as well as wrote an introductory post for anyone interested in shopping with them! As a quick summary, a shopping service allows you to order items directly from Japan by buying them for you, usually for a small fee. DEJAPAN, on the other hand, charges no service fee and is extremely simple to use!
You can check out their social media with the links below:
Disclaimer: Because I ordered through Yahoo! Auctions, I had to wait a certain amount of days for the bid to end, the seller to ship the item, and for it to arrive to the DEJAPAN warehouse. From there, I waited several more days until I was sure I wasn't going to be purchasing any more items before shipping my current order. 
In my excitement to receive my parcel, I unfortunately tore it open without any images. It was only a small envelope parcel, no where near as exciting as the contents inside~
Liz Lisa Vintage Rose Skirt, 112-4007-0
Condition:  Used, no tag
When I first found the bid for this skirt, I knew I couldn't resist. The listing price was under 1000 JPY and for an item from such an older collection, I really didn't want to pay any more for it. 

I was able to win the bid with nobody to outbid or raise the price! Lucky~? 🍀
Where I lucked out on that, I wasn't so lucky with the domestic shipping fee. From Miyagi Prefecture to Tokyo, the shipping cost was 600JPY, which brought it a bit over what I wanted to spend initially...but the piece was too lovely to resist. ;///;

While their newer pieces definitely have a bit more give to them, I still can't resist a good piece or two from their older collections! Look at how delicate the lace and pattern are, they pair perfectly with my Lauren Conrad top, 2012 Liz Lisa Ribbon heels, and some classic white knee highs! A perfect coordinate for a mild autumn evening.
Overall, I couldn't be happier with this skirt! While it ended up costing just a bit more than I had originally opted for, these are the risks with buying used! I still paid a fraction of what listing price would have been, I'm sure, and for that, I'm extremely happy. ♡
Liz Lisa Paris Print Skirt, 131-4028-0
Condition:  Used, no tag

When I initially bid on this skirt, I actually had no idea it even HAD a Parisian themed print on it. From the image, all I could see were the abundant roses and that was apparently a selling point enough for myself! For the price I paid, I'm FAR more than pleased with the extra print...
It's such a simple pattern but it pairs so easily with any spring/summer outfit because of it! Even with domestic shipping fees, I paid under 500JPY for this delicate little piece~
 As you can (hardly) see, there are a few pulls in the underskirt, but none that I've noticed on the top layer itself. Again, for an item from such an older collection, it's in fantastic shape~
I decided to pair it with my off-the-shoulder top, 2012 Liz Lisa Ribbon pumps, and a lacy boater hat for that spring/summer appeal and signature Lulu style!
 Once again, it's wonderful to add such a lovely pattern to my wardrobe! I can see myself wearing this skirt with a great many styles!

Order Summary
From purchase to receiving...
♡ May 26th-30th: I bid on both skirts, one skirt needed an approval from the seller before I could claim the auction
♡ June 2nd: Both items had arrived at the warehouse by this point and I tried another bid or two, but was outbid
♡ June 13th: I consolidated my parcel and selected my packing option.
♡ June 14th: I received an email requesting my second payment, for shipping.  I selected and paid for my shipping method, combination, and packing fee.
♡ June 18-19th: My second payment was processed and I received an email that DEJAPAN had sent out my parcel! The email contained the item information, delivery method, tracking number, as well as where to track it.
♡ June 22nd: My parcel arrived at my door early in the morning. My mailman again called the number on the parcel to verify I'd be home, collected my signature, and delivered the envelope! ♡

Just as before, I'm thrilled with the service from DEJAPAN. Despite this being an independent purchase, I had no problems with bidding or payments for won bids. With the bid I lost, the auction was displayed on my page so I was aware I wasn't charged for lost attempts. Consolidation and shipping were simple and my parcel arrived in perfect condition only a few days after I paid shipping. Thank you all for taking the time to read my entry and I hope this may have cleared any doubts you may have had using a shopping service or DEJAPAN in particular! Enjoy your shopping, lovelies~

With love, always,