Puppies & Parcels ; Dejapan Review

❀ Hello Poppies! ❀
How was everyone been? Life has been quite exciting for me recently, what with visiting New York, vacation with my boyfriend, and if nothing else, work. It's been a little while since I've last made a proper entry and I can't wait to share my trip to New York City with you; but before that, I couldn't be happier to share this wonderful post with you all today. 
Just a few weeks ago, DEJAPAN sent me a lovely letter asking if I would have any interest working with them in order to promote their business. Now, I'm not much a spokeswoman, as sponsorship's can often become overwhelming; but as someone who frequently purchases with a shopping service and is asked, "What shopping service do you use?" or "How do you use a SS?", I knew this was an opportunity I couldn't pass over. While the item in the review below was sponsored by DEJAPAN, please know that all thoughts and opinions are my own.
What is a SS?
Before we begin, some of you may be wondering, what is a shopping service/SS? Why do I need one? Simply put, it's a middleman to help those of us outside of Japan to order from within! Unlike platforms such as eBay, where you can buy directly from Japanese sellers (with a much more limited inventory) they offer their services as a business to let you order from different websites, all while you pay a small fee for them to order, store, then ship your items. While it's true that one can order without a shopping service these days, I'm much more confident with my order in the hands of someone who is not only fluent in the language, but understands their postal system as well (especially if said order cost quite a bit of money!).
DEJAPAN is a proxy shopping service located in Japan that lets you select the products of your choice from a range of Japanese websites. From Amazon JP, Yahoo! Auctions JP, to Rakuten and Bandai, DEJAPAN can assist in your buying of both new and second-hand goods from Japan. Even Liz Lisa has a rakuten store front where you can order the same items as from their Tokyo Kawaii Life store!
What really drew me to the service was that unlike most other SS, DEJAPAN charges NO service fee, which is absolutely incredible! With other services, I was paying 3-500JPY for every item, which, as you can imagine, put me off from buying more once the fees started to add up. Consolidation, inspection, and insurance plans are free, and they even have an option to keep the original packaging! 
On top of that, their customer support is absolutely fantastic. All questions I had going into the experience were answered within 24 hours in explicit detail.
You can check out their social media with the links below:
How to order from DEJAPAN
Part one: Ordering
Before I get into their amazing service, I'd like to take the time to show you all how to order from DEJAPAN. The process is by far the most simple and clean cut I've used to date, there was never a moment of confusion!
Step 1, Sign up:
Once you arrive at DEJAPAN's website, you'll need to register an account, which can be done by clicking the Sign Up button in the upper right hand corner. 
After filling out all of the information, confirming that the previous information is correct, and submitting, your signup is complete! You should receive an email shortly after welcoming you to DEJAPAN.
Step 2, Finding your items:
 As I mentioned before, DEJAPAN offers a wide array of sites for you to choose from...
If you're looking to purchase new items, select the shopping tab (as seen in blue) and simply type in the brand, item, or phrase you're looking for. DEJAPAN's search automatically compiles results from all of their services and presents them to you, distinguishing seller in the small box below the image result.
If you wish to search by a particular site, all you have to do is click on the drop down box labeled 'All', and filter your results by site.
If you're looking to find a listing that could be new or used, switch from the blue shopping tab to the now orange auction tab. You'll now be able to view Yahoo! JP auctions straight from DEJAPAN. 
What's more is that the results show the current bid, buy it now price, the number of bids as well as the time remaining all on one page.
Another particularly special feature of DEJAPAN is their 'Store Shopping' section, which allows users to buy from stores like Premium Bandai. If you're looking for anime merch or gundams, this will be extra beneficial for you! 

Step 3, Purchasing:
 Once you've found the items you're looking for and have added them to your cart, you'll be able to access them from the shopping cart at the top of the page.
Remember to always check the quantity, item, colour and/or size! 
Consolidation + Inspection + Insurance Plan will automatically populate.
If you remove this option, a popup box will warn you that unchecking the plan fee prevents you from combining items for that order, so please be aware!
If you so desire to, check the box to keep the original packaging absolutely free of charge!
Think ahead and be smart about what you want to keep in the original packaging, as this can sometimes cause an item to weigh more.
This is where you'll once again review your total and determine what to do if an item in your order is out of stock. This is another unique feature I've yet to see other shopping services offer.
Usually, when an item is out of stock within your order, the SS will send a message that may go unseen for days or weeks, which puts your order on hold. With this option, you needn't worry!

Step 4, Payment:
 Next, you'll need to review the information you've input, such as the delivery country, and read the terms of service.
Please note that once you've paid for the items, you won't be able to change the country of delivery when paying for shipping. Click 'Proceed to Checkout'.
From this page, determine your method of payment.
DEJAPAN accepts most major credit cards as well as Paypal.
Enter your credit card information as shown in the examples.
If you wish to store the cards information for later, you may do so by checking the box 'Remember my Card'.
You'll be taken to a page to overview your items one last time.
If you receive an email coupon or other discount, now is the time to apply! Once finished, proceed. You're almost done! 
The final review should show your name, email, as well as your card information.
From here, you may checkout completely! You should arrive at a page like this... 
Within seconds, you will receive an email overview of your most recent purchase!
 From here, you'll need to wait for the seller to ship out your item(s) to the warehouse. You'll receive an email once again when your items have arrived! My order took only 3 days to arrive, though second-hand items could potentially take longer. 
Good things come to those who wait.
Part Two: Combining
Now that your order has arrived, you'll need to reopen DEJAPAN and click 'My Page' in the upper right hand corner. You'll be redirected to an overview of your current order status.
If you selected to combine items, now is when you'll do so!
In my order, I only purchased one item, so I'll continue by selecting 'Combine selected items'.
On this page, you'll determine your packing options. 
Depending on what you've purchased, your order may need more or less protection.
In my case, as I've only purchased a purse, I'll choose the the minimum packaging at a rate of 300JPY.
Review the additional costs as shown for the combination and packaging fees and click 'Confirm Combination' to continue.
Your consolidation is now complete! 
You'll need to once again wait for the warehouse to combine your items in the most cost effect and beneficial way. 
You can view the status of your items at any time by going to your warehouse, as well as cancel combination on any unprocessed orders.
My consolidation took only around a day and a half.
Part Three: Shipping
Finally, you'll receive an email that your parcel is ready to ship!
Return to your page, where you'll see '2nd Payment Requests' checked and ready for you to make a payment.
Your delivery method determines how quickly your parcel will arrive, but of course, each varies by cost, time, and safety. 
Many of you may know EMS and SAL, but the third and fourth options may be unclear.
The third is registered airmail, which tends to take 2-4 weeks in my prior experience.
The fourth, shipping service, is a boat freight. I'm unsure how long this could take, but it remains an option.
I wanted my purse as soon as possible, so I chose EMS. 
You'll want to review the costs on this page...
As well as the next. This will be your last chance to change delivery methods! 
Be certain that your combination and packaging fee are correct, as well as your delivery method.

Now is where you'll fill in your information as well as a phone number in case of delivery complications. 
*When delivering my parcel, my mailman used the telephone number to confirm that I would be home at the time of delivery to sign for the parcel.
If the information above is going to your address, select 'Your delivery address'.
If it will be sent to another location, select 'Choose other delivery address'.
 Don't forget to once again check the 'I agree' box for the terms of service.
If you choose to remember your card before, then DEJAPAN will automatically ask if you would like to use the same card. 
You may also pay with another or Paypal if you so choose. 
Once again, review that the above information is correct. 
If you have consolidated more than one parcel, make sure that all items are shown above! 
Review the charges, apply any coupons, and proceed to 'Checkout'
Congratulations, your parcel is on it's way! 
While it may seem long thanks to this tutorial, the process is actually very quick, easy to figure out, and straightforward.
Parcel Unboxing 
My parcel was shipped out on May 8th and reached my home on May 11th: wow!
This is precisely why I love EMS! 
My parcel came in just a plain brown box, which is a plus if you potentially have nosy neighbours, and it required a signature. Once opened, as you can see, it was packed with bubble wrap and air cushions to prevent shifting or damage during travel. If you remember, I only selected minimal packaging and yet it's perfectly secure! 
I can't believe how darling this purse is...every time I lay my eyes on it, my heart skips a beat!
It's absolutely the most perfect print for a Liz Lisa dog loving girly girl like myself! πŸΆ
When DEJAPAN reached out with an offer of a coupon discount in exchange for a review of their service, I just knew this purse would be the one. The item name and code are below:
LIZ LISA(γƒͺγ‚Ίγƒͺγ‚΅)γƒ—γƒΌγƒ‰γƒ«ζŸ„γƒˆγƒΌγƒˆ
This purse is still available for purchase, as well as many other items, on their Rakuten storefront, which DEJAPAN will gladly help you to order from!
Order Summary
From purchase to receiving, ordering from DEJAPAN was delightfully simple.
April 28th: I purchased the purse, LIZ LISA(γƒͺγ‚Ίγƒͺγ‚΅)γƒ—γƒΌγƒ‰γƒ«ζŸ„γƒˆγƒΌγƒˆ, from Liz Lisa's Rakuten storefront. Let the excitement begin!
May 1st: I received two emails from DEJAPAN telling me that my items had arrived at their warehouse. The first was a brief message while the second went in depth to tell me which item it was that had arrived.
May 1st: I consolidated my parcel and selected my packing option.
May 2nd: I received an email requesting my second payment, for shipping.
May 3rd-4th: I selected and paid for my shipping method, combination, and packing fee.
May 8th: I received an email that DEJAPAN had sent out my parcel! The email contained the item information, delivery method, tracking number, as well as where to track it.
May 11th: My parcel arrived at my door early in the morning. My mailman called the number on the parcel to verify I'd be home, collected my signature, and delivered my sweet purse! ♡
Total time: 13 days

Search Results

All in all...
My dream purse couldn't possibly have come home without the help of DEJAPAN. I have no plans on using any other shopping service henceforth, especially not for my Liz Lisa purchases! I trust DEJAPAN with even my most precious purchases.
Right now, they're offering 20% off of EMS from now until the end of May! Do you have a question about their service that wasn't clarified above? Please, feel free to DM me over on my IG and we can figure out your order, together. 
Once again, thank you all for taking the time to read my lengthy entry, and I hope you're as excited to try DEJAPAN as I was. Happy shopping, everyone!

With love, always,

Diary Entry ; 10 Facts about me..!

Although I've never much found myself an interesting person, I realise getting to know one another is a great start to building friendships and to learning that even those behind the social media accounts are human, too! Without further ado, here are ten (perhaps commonly known?) facts about myself!

I'm British-born, but have lived in the states for the majority of my life. While I still have my British citizenship, I lost the accent quite some time ago. It used to bother me immensely, but I've come to learn that something as silly as that doesn't define me.

My favourite animals are dogs, bears, bunnies, small birds, and deer. Coincidentally, my favourite (noteable) animal characters include Pom Pom Purin, Isabelle, Rilakkuma, Pooh Bear, Duffy, and My Melody. With that being said, I do adore characters like Marie and Daisy, as well as others!

While I love everything and anything pink, my favourite colour actually happens to be sky blue! Pink tends to be easier to find, pairs better with certain colours, and look slightly better on me..!

Speaking of the sky, it's one of my favourite earthly gifts. To look up at the sky that wraps its arms around us so lovingly, knowing that it's ever-changing and still manages stay the same, connecting us all...it brings me such great peace.

When I was younger, I had dreams of joining Cirque du Soleil, of becoming a teacher, and of being a baker. Now, I'm still not quite sure want I want to be, other than kind.

I first became interested in fashion in 2009/2010, a time when I wore t-shirts, jeans, and had an arm full of 'kandi'. I owned a single copy of the Gothic Lolita Bible and would daydream about the girls/clothes I saw online. I found a blogger who was into Gyaru and quickly began researching everything I could. I went through Agejo, Amekaji, Hime, Onee and even a mori attempt before my heart fell for romantic brands like Ank Rouge, Liz Lisa, and even DreamV, with their subtle colours and cutesy patterns. It's taken quite some time to build up a wardrobe with clothes I feel both happy and comfortable in, but I'm so very proud of what I've managed so far!

I often dream about moving to a small cottage style town like Colmar in France and leading a quiet life with my Prince and our dogs. While I love the hustle and bustle of big cities, with the lights and glamour and fun, I'd much prefer a place that's as calm as I intend to be.

Prior to my boyfriend, I had never been kissed by the opposite sex. It may come as a surprise to some, but I am quite openly attracted to both sexes.

I've been into anime since I was very young, as both of my older sisters were into it, and I'm extremely pleased that it's a part of my life. I would watch anime after school in elementary, attended my first convention in 2005, bought my first cosplay in 2006 (though I took several years hiatus afterwards!), and have been collecting figures, manga, posters, and other such merchandise for many years! My favourite genres are, of course, shoujo, mahou shoujo, and idols!

I was not always as kind as I am now, nor am I always perfect. I slip up and I throw tantrums, say some not so kind words, yell and even curse. It's learning from the things I don't like about myself that makes me a better person. There is always room for progress.

I tried to be as diverse in my topics as possible, so I hope you found at least one interesting fact! Again, thank you to everyone who took the time to even read a smidgen of my novel, it's greatly appreciated.

With love, always,

How to deal with bothersome days...

Have you ever experienced those days where no matter what you do, without explanation, things just don't quite seem right? You're unsure why, nothing substantial has happened that could cause you to feel so blue, yet every little thing seems to add up and bother you? If you're like me in that you have a tendency to be an all around positive, happy-go-lucky person, these days may bother you, especially when they present themselves without reason! In an effort to turn those days around, I've thought of a small list of bothers that I've noticed contribute to (my) bad day, things you may not have considered before!

First, hygiene: when was the last time you bathed? Changed your clothes? Even washed your hands? Although I bathe nightly, I don't wash my hair every day (as it can strip the healthy oils!), and that can sometimes leave me feeling unclean. While a little talc in the hair stops the shine, it doesn't stop the icky sticky greasy feeling that shadows the rest of me! Your body may still feel heavy, as if it feels dirty, because truthfully it probably is! Dead skin cells start to accumulate, just as the dirt, oils, and sweat do as they settle into your scalp, leaving the rest of you feeling just as greasy as your hair does. No matter how cute you may look, it's difficult to feel it if instead, you feel weighed down with filth! Try showering in full, hair and all, with as mild a temperature water as you can stand. Too cold will leave you shivering while too hot can make you swelter and sweat (not to mention, cooler water helps tighten pores!).

Now that YOU'RE fresh, consider the other factors that go along with it, like the towels you're using and the clothes you're changing into. Are they also fresh, or have you been using the same towel so long you can't seem to remember when it was last changed. I tend to use my towels 2-3 days before 'throwing in the towel' and give them a little sniff before use each night. If the smell is similar to stagnant water or there's not much smell to it at all, it's time to take out a new one. It's no good to use a dirty towel, so drop that one in the laundry basket and wrap yourself in the heaven that is a fluffy, linen scented, clean towel! Clean body, check! Clean towel, check! Now what about your wardrobe? Whether you're about to get dressed up to go out or dressed down to stay in, if what you're wearing doesn't feel right, change it! While the pants you wore yesterday may not LOOK dirty, they may feel it, which is equally as poor a feeling as them being physically dirty. The same applies to the pajamas that, although they may be your most comfy favourite pajamas ever, still need to be washed every now and then. Even just changing your lounge wear if you don't have the time or energy to shower does wonders for the body and mind! In desperate situations, ones where I find I can't just hop up and shower or change my clothes to catch a break from that greasy, grimy feeling, I simply wash my hands. We often forget how much we've touched in a short amount of time and frankly, how dirty even our own things can be! I find that a good, quick scrub over gives me temporary relief from even my grossest feeling days.

While your body may be clean, your environment may be a different story. I've noticed that on days where I spend a bit of time in my room, especially on weekends, I can start to feel a bit agitated. I glance around my room at a small space that, granted, should be easy to keep clean, looking an utter wreck. Laundry piles, both clean and dirty, start to add up, makeup all over my desk...I haven't made my bed in, what, a week? Maybe more? I promised myself I'd tidy up on the weekend and now the weekend is here! ...yet I can't find the motivation to get it over with or to even get it started in the first place. In an odd way, it almost begins to feel as if everything around is slowly closing in or even suffocating, and that most certainly doesn't make me feel very positive. Other than how much more convenient it is to have things put in their place, tidy and fresh, don't you feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction after you see how lovely your room looks? I feel that if you constantly live in dirty conditions, even just looking at it can make you shiver and feel dirty as a whole. Though it may not be easy or particularly fine, do your best to keep track of your room as you do yourself, staying on top of it to keep it clean. Turn on your happy music, open up the window (weather permitting, of course!), and pick a place to start that often gets the most abused! For me, my go to starting point is always my desk where I get ready in the mornings or my closet that's stuffed to the brim, waiting to overflow. Once you get the toughest parts over with, the rest should be a breeze! The more often you're able to clean, the less often you'll have to set aside time for a spring cleaning bonanza, too (well, unless you're into that sort of thing~)!

Next on the list of 'small reasons you might not feel yourself' is diet! This isn't to say that if you're eating comfort food to console yourself on a bad day, you're in the wrong. In fact, even if you've recently changed your diet to put yourself on track for a healthier lifestyle, you might still feel the same as someone who just ate cake for breakfast (guilty). It's not only what you eat, it's how much, and how your body responds to it! Food can often reflect your mood, meaning if you eat poor, you feel poor; but sometimes, we may not realise just how poorly we're eating. After coming home from work or running errands, waking up after a long nap or even when you just can't find the will, it's hard to cook a meal both your heart and tummy agree on. Still, eating not so friendly foods while you're down might worsen your mood! If you're already feeling sluggish and groggy, one might suggest to avoid greasy, heavy foods, sugary sweets, or overly processed food in general. Push for the lighter options, the ones that will make your belly and your mind sing to help you work through your funk! Although it may seem self explanatory, do your best to steer away from foods that your stomach doesn't agree with. Lactose, gluten, fried goods...they won't improve how you feel if they cause more harm than good, right?

And of course, perhaps most importantly...you might be feeling blue simply because. Not everything needs to have a deep, profound rhyme or reason. Your body, as beautiful and sensitive as it is, may just be having an off day or sequence of days. An imbalance of hormones, the start of a cold, work, school, stress or lack of sleep...you may not notice how these affect you until you find yourself struggling to keep yourself afloat with a smile on your face. Which leads me to this: you don't always have to be happy to be positive. Positivity is seeing the brighter side, trusting that despite how you feel now, things can and will get better. You shouldn't ever feel the need to force yourself, to fake your happiness for the sake of others. Being seen as the happy, upbeat one doesn't exclude you from or invalidate your other emotions; you're only human after all. Take pride in having others around you who notice that you may not be feeling 100%, and who understand that you, just like they, are taking time to figure yourself out. Just as some flowers take time to close their petals in their off seasons, you may feel the need to do the same during yours, and that's alright! What matters most is that you reopen them, renewed, ready to show the world your beauty once more. 

I hope you were able to find some solace in these words of mine and if you have any suggestions of your own, I'd love if you'd share them! Take care and until next time,

With love, always,