Tea for Two

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The other week, I had a whole Friday off, which is actually miraculous for someone who works between 45 and 60 hours a week. Usually, on my days off, I like to laze around or go shopping for small trinkets for my wardrobe/room, something that doesn't take too much energy, heh; ♪ 

Instead, I'd been dying to take my mum over to a small tea room called Dickens, which is pretty local to where I live, and one of the only tea rooms around (that I'm aware of, of course). Being British, I insisted that she had to visit at least once, because the only other British experience you really get here in Orlando is talking with the tourists or visiting Epcot!

Everything from the decor, to the atmosphere, and even the food is absolutely delightful. It's so nice to relax and take a break, enjoying the pure white of the sugar cubes and daintiness of the flowers. 

I was lucky to have ordered the quiche when I did, seeing as it was the last piece! How fortunate for me! Mum had to settle for the tomato and cheese sandwich, which she didn't mind.

Being greedy as I am, I had to get scones, as well. I had them last year when I came to visit the tea room with best friend, and they were just as delicious as I remember! I can never finish them, it's such a shame...

My mum really seemed to enjoy herself, though, which is all I could ask for. We talked, smiled, laughed; she was beaming as much as the flowers! ✿

While I forgot to snap an OOTD, I've worn it many a time before, so no big loss, I suppose! I did take a quick selfie before we left, though. There's always time for selfies. 

Here's a quick rundown of what I wore:

Lenses → Revocolour Romantic Royal Grey
Dress → Liz Lisa
Cardigan → Kohl's
Shoes (not pictured) → Forever21

Thanks for taking the time to read! Enjoy your week, little sunshine~ 


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