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Bonsoir, little flowers! 
How are you doing this evening? I hope that today was lovely for you, and filled with so much promise! I'm winding down now, with a little sweet treat, writing out my letter to you all as the sun is going down for the day...
I come today about a darling dress I was so graciously given the opportunity to review, for a lovely little shop by the name of Devilinspired. Now, I'm sure you're probably thinking, Lucy, you don't wear Lolita, silly girl! Silly me is right! However, their Hana line does offer more affordable, dolly styled dresses for a girl such as myself, and perhaps you, too!

About Devilinspired...
Devilinspired is a Lolita shop that offers a wide range of Lolita style clothing, as well as Otome style dresses, corsets, and even a few wedding dresses! At first glance, I thought the shop just another Taobao reseller; Yet after looking through just about all of their items (it seems I have a lot of time on my hands these days), they have quite a few original designs and accessories! Their prices are range depending on the line, so they're able to cater to just about everyone's price range, which is so very fortunate for any person looking into cute fashion! They're available on about every social media platform, listed just below...
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The dress...
Constellation Printed Flouncey Neckline Lolita OP Dress
Brand: HANA
SKU: HANA-0028
Colour: White
Size: 0
Price: $52.99

It was a feeling similar to love, the first time I laid eyes on the Constellation OP...and after umming and ahhing about which dress was best suited for me, I went with my heart, and chose the OP in white/gold. There was something truly elegant and classic that drew me to the dress; a reminder of Christmas, when I was younger, and wore white dresses adorned in frills, the golden Christmas lights twinkling about me. I felt compelled to own such an angelic dress.

The shipping...
The postman must have known how eagerly I was anticipating the dress, as it arrived at my door in a mere two days. I often DHL my parcels from Taobao and even they take four, sometimes five days to arrive! This parcel arrived to me in two days, without a single flaw.

The quality...
The Constellation OP is a two layered dress, with a solid and sheer layer, embellished with gold trailing stars. There are flecks of gold dust swept across the sheer layer, that catch the light ever so slightly. The bodice of the dress is a corset style, that ties closed with a golden sparkle ribbon. There's no need to undo the bodice, as the back of the dress comes with quite a lengthy hidden zipper! One of the most upsetting slights of most dresses is that the zipper is hardly ever long enough. The zipper on the Constellation OP goes down to where the skirt meets the bodice, which for me, is right around my waist!

Perhaps my favourite part, the collar of the dress truly adds a classical yet sweet touch to the OP. It's lined with lace and finished off with a satin bow, the perfect finishing for any dress! The sleeves are closed with buttons that don't hug too tightly to your wrists, which is always such a relief. My biggest fear before receiving the OP was that the arms would be just a bit too snug; however the sleeves seem more of a capelet style, which leaves plenty of room! Not to mention, it pairs perfectly with my Bobon21 bear hoodie! Devilinspired's quality is among one of the top I've encountered with an online store..!

The price...
I admit, at $52.99, I'd be ever so hesitant to purchase the dress myself. Perhaps because I've grown spoilt with Taobao's substantially lesser prices, or that I've always been frugal. However, as my Nan always says, "Buy cheap, buy twice", which has been the case on more than one occasion with cheap, Taobao knockoffs. In this case, there is absolutely no doubt that you will receive what you pay for, and I couldn't be more pleased. 
I would absolutely love to see more designs from Devilinspired, and even venture into one day trying a full Lolita coordinate with one of their many breathtaking dresses. Their service team walked me through every step and was ever so kind, working around my schedule and emailing me at every update of the order. I couldn't have asked for a better dress, or team to deliver what has become one of my most beloved! 

With love, always,
Disclaimer: Despite receiving sponsorship, all opinions are my own, and have in no way been sponsored! Thank you!
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  1. I'm having the best time reading your blog♡ The dress looks lovely on you, so pretty and original with the gold touch. Looking forward to more posts! ...(I'm ireneflyfairy on IG)