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A few weeks ago, I received an invitation from my nail artist to the Orlando Premiere Show, a trade show for the beauty industry. This is a private event that only licensed (or training) beauty industry guests are allowed to attend, of which I am not! In exchange for modelling his product, David extended the invitation to me and a friend. From the moment I stepped into the venue, I knew my wallet was going to be begging me to be cautious. Luckily (which these sort of things usually aren't very fortunate), my debit card number had been stolen just a few days before, and I was left with a measly $20 note in my pocket. Today I'll be reviewing with you my haul that I was able to score, all for right around $17 / £13!
While I do like to experiment, I'm usually one to stick with the cheaper cosmetics you can find at any local shop. I'm still developing my makeup skills and would hate to waste money on a beautiful product that I'm not skilled enough to use! When we (my best friend and I) stumbled upon the Modern Basic venue at the Premiere show, we knew we weren't going to walk away empty handed. While I had never heard of the brand, perhaps because the only sell to licensed estheticians, the mas amount of product and variety they had drew me in. I picked up a thing or two, tried it out, and remarked about the amazing quality, especially for such a steal...there had to be something amiss, right? But better yet, I noticed that every package was labelled with the international sign for "no animal testing", which for me, was a huge deal! To think, quality, affordability, and humanity all in arms reach...needless to say, hands, wrists, and forearms swatched later, the two of us made out like bandits! 
5 Shade Eyeshadow (Spicy Glam, i39) -  Perhaps because these are the safest colours, I've always been an avid fan of neutral eye shades; Browns, beiges and pinks that match well with my outfits and add a little pop to my eyes, without drawing too much attention. The majority of the Modern Basic palettes had some form of brown shade, but were either mixed with harsh blues or greens, or other colours that lacked depth. I was a bit hesitant at first with the Spicy Glam palette, mainly due to the green hue right in the middle, but I fell so in love with the other four colours, I decided to give it a go.
All of the colours are very highly pigmented and have a silky texture that's very gentle to apply to the eye, with both a brush and your finger. The Spicy Glam palette is the first of mine to come with interchangeable pans, something I knew of only from borrowing my best friends Naked 3 palette so many times before...However, unlike in other palettes, the individual pans came nameless! I decided to name them as an easier way to differentiate the shades...
Chickadee - Pixie Dust - Forest Nymph - Carnation - Treasure
Chickadee - A shimmery yellow that is almost iridescent the first swipe. It is a very soft tone and easy to blend with a nice brown shade, such as Pixie Dust, in order to create a bright, fresh spring or summery look.
Pixie dust - A brown shade with an orange hue, this colour reminds me of the falling autumn leaves and the warmth you experience as you start to bundle up. 
Forest Nymph - A forest green that gives off an elegant, darker impression, without being harsh like a smokey eye. A perfect match for someone with green eyes, such as myself!
Carnation - A pink tone very similar to a carnation, like an angel has kissed on your eyelids.
Treasure - A darker, more rustic Pixie Dust, for the perfect crease, similar in shade to the setting sky.
Single blush (Modish, c126) - Wherever I go, as long as I'm wearing a shade of blush, I suddenly feel more comfortable within my own skin. There's something so innocent about a nice shade of blush, the ultimate must have for a soft, dolly complexion...
The first thing I noticed with the Modish blush was just how deep the pink was! Very similar in appearance to a rose petal on your cheeks, the pink shine not only brightens your whole face, it makes one glow, like a flower after the rain. The shimmer is just enough to highlight the cheek and nose area without looking shiny and oily. Pressed powder blush tends to settle into fine lines and bumps if coated too heavily, so it's best to brush yourself over only once or twice! When blended in, the pink becomes a soft peachy hue. Adore, Rose Chiffon, and Tender are other shades of the single blush that I would love to get my hands on!
Eyeshadow Cream (Pink Zest, ih308) - Never before have I tried an eyeshadow cream, yet this single pot caught my eye for the simple reason that it would be perfect for undereye shade! In recent editions of both Popteen and Larme, models are seen wearing a soft shade of pink just below the eyes...this trend was also decently popular among cosplayers trying to portray innocent characters prior to the fashion trend. It was a "two birds with one stone" deal for me, as it could be used for both fashion and cosplay.
When I purchased it, I wasn't sure what to expect from a cream...would it have a cream like consistency? If so, how does one blend a cream into something softer...luckily, this cream shadow has the texture of what I can only describe as a kittens small bean-like toes. That squishy, yet firm, feeling, almost like a whipped mousse...which makes blending onto the skin so simple! It's quite easy to get carried away and overdo the pink (Pink Zest is rightfully named!), as the pigmentation is so high, and is probably best to use one finger to smooth it out over or under the eyelid...
Single Eyeshadow (Blissful Blue, i224) To probably no one's surprise, this blue eyeshadow was the last product I picked up, in a frenzy. Blue, of all colours. My logic at the time was that it was a light, glacier like blue that would go well with some of the blue outfits I've worn before...in case I ever take the single shade with me, it does open up to a very handy mirror, and a small eyeshadow brush which, let's be honest, no one ever really uses!
Blissful Blue it most definitely was! The shade, once worn, reminded me of a blue birds singing a lovely melody! It is a combination colour of frosty mornings and wedding antiques that's no where near as overpowering as I had imagined. My worries of having 70's eyes were dismissed and replaced with fantasies of daisies, cotton, and bubbles on a sweet spring morning.
Lip Liner Pencil (Risqué, k335) - If you follow my Instagram, you've probably seen me wear my favourite shade of lip colour before...an orange tint, the particular one being L'oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Lip Stain in 188 Coral Tattoo. When I first eyed the lip pencils, I almost immediately took a liking to Risqué due to it's colour similarity with my Coral Tattoo lip stain! 
The pencil itself is less of a pencil consistency and more like that of a crayon, easy to apply; by the same token, this means it's more likely to smudge...the colour itself is vibrant, a tangerine shade, and a very close match to Coral Tattoo, though I'll have to use it sparingly as not to smudge it all over my lips like a clown!
Forever Lips Matte Liquid Lipstick (Bonbon, FS42) - I suppose I'm a bit more adventurous in the lip shades than the eyes. With matte lipsticks being the new trend, what better time to try out a fun, avant-garde colour? Bonbon is as fun as it sounds, a strawberry or perhaps watermelon gelato colour that applies as smooth as velvet! The formula is not too thick, not too thin, and not overwhelmingly sticky, which is a plus for anyone with long hair or side pieces on a windy day...
Wear wise, I've found that with even just the lightest brush, this lipstick can last several hours, through the wear and tear of eating and drinking. Having said that, it does rub a bit onto drinkware and will most definitely leave a kiss mark on the cheek of your lover (perhaps good, perhaps bad?)... I'd say it's safe to call this lipstick a lipstain, for its shade still hangs around after the initial lipstick itself has worn off, staining your lips with where it used to be.

I also received two free samples from booths with the most darling designs! Sadly enough, I didn't even think to snap a photo (what a poor blogger trait!), but I can assure you that they were beyond adorable. The first sample is from 101 Botanicals, an all natural fragrance shop that carries 100% organic beauty products for the face, body, and more. The booth itself carried a very small display of a few of the fragrances and upon smelling Petal, I was in love! The combination of rose, lavender and chamomile was oh so lovely...and once on, not overpowering in the slightest. I know that as soon my sample runs out, I'll be off purchasing the full sized roll-on, as well as their Rosewater Toner and perhaps their Elderflower Rose Clay Mask
The second sample was a small container of Whoopie! Shea Butter Cream by Farmhouse Fresh, another certified organic company that's been praised by names such as Oprah and Elle magazine! Now, I'm forgetful when it comes to lotions and creams, buying scent after scent that I stockpile, but never use on my skin! It's not until my skin cries for help that I remember to lather up...the Whoopie! Shea Butter Cream is a very delicate scent, sweet yet not sickeningly. It almost looks and smells like meringue, though I can not vouch for the taste itself...my hands were very appreciative of the sample and while I can't say it was enough for me to notice a difference, I'd love to try out some of their other products!

With love, always,

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