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❀ Hello Poppies! ❀
I'm back again with another DEJAPAN review, this time, a non-sponsored post about my personal experience using the shopping service! I often find that others have their worries about a service that is sponsored. There's often a stigma that the company may be providing the best quality service based solely on how the user will review them! While I've never encountered that myself, I do like to support the companies that I partner with. So today, I'm writing with my own purchases from Yahoo! JP Auctions, through DEJAPAN as my shopping service.
A quick review...
You can read my previous post about DEJAPAN here, where I reviewed their service as well as wrote an introductory post for anyone interested in shopping with them! As a quick summary, a shopping service allows you to order items directly from Japan by buying them for you, usually for a small fee. DEJAPAN, on the other hand, charges no service fee and is extremely simple to use!
You can check out their social media with the links below:
Disclaimer: Because I ordered through Yahoo! Auctions, I had to wait a certain amount of days for the bid to end, the seller to ship the item, and for it to arrive to the DEJAPAN warehouse. From there, I waited several more days until I was sure I wasn't going to be purchasing any more items before shipping my current order. 
In my excitement to receive my parcel, I unfortunately tore it open without any images. It was only a small envelope parcel, no where near as exciting as the contents inside~
Liz Lisa Vintage Rose Skirt, 112-4007-0
Condition:  Used, no tag
When I first found the bid for this skirt, I knew I couldn't resist. The listing price was under 1000 JPY and for an item from such an older collection, I really didn't want to pay any more for it. 

I was able to win the bid with nobody to outbid or raise the price! Lucky~? 🍀
Where I lucked out on that, I wasn't so lucky with the domestic shipping fee. From Miyagi Prefecture to Tokyo, the shipping cost was 600JPY, which brought it a bit over what I wanted to spend initially...but the piece was too lovely to resist. ;///;

While their newer pieces definitely have a bit more give to them, I still can't resist a good piece or two from their older collections! Look at how delicate the lace and pattern are, they pair perfectly with my Lauren Conrad top, 2012 Liz Lisa Ribbon heels, and some classic white knee highs! A perfect coordinate for a mild autumn evening.
Overall, I couldn't be happier with this skirt! While it ended up costing just a bit more than I had originally opted for, these are the risks with buying used! I still paid a fraction of what listing price would have been, I'm sure, and for that, I'm extremely happy. ♡
Liz Lisa Paris Print Skirt, 131-4028-0
Condition:  Used, no tag

When I initially bid on this skirt, I actually had no idea it even HAD a Parisian themed print on it. From the image, all I could see were the abundant roses and that was apparently a selling point enough for myself! For the price I paid, I'm FAR more than pleased with the extra print...
It's such a simple pattern but it pairs so easily with any spring/summer outfit because of it! Even with domestic shipping fees, I paid under 500JPY for this delicate little piece~
 As you can (hardly) see, there are a few pulls in the underskirt, but none that I've noticed on the top layer itself. Again, for an item from such an older collection, it's in fantastic shape~
I decided to pair it with my off-the-shoulder top, 2012 Liz Lisa Ribbon pumps, and a lacy boater hat for that spring/summer appeal and signature Lulu style!
 Once again, it's wonderful to add such a lovely pattern to my wardrobe! I can see myself wearing this skirt with a great many styles!

Order Summary
From purchase to receiving...
♡ May 26th-30th: I bid on both skirts, one skirt needed an approval from the seller before I could claim the auction
♡ June 2nd: Both items had arrived at the warehouse by this point and I tried another bid or two, but was outbid
♡ June 13th: I consolidated my parcel and selected my packing option.
♡ June 14th: I received an email requesting my second payment, for shipping.  I selected and paid for my shipping method, combination, and packing fee.
♡ June 18-19th: My second payment was processed and I received an email that DEJAPAN had sent out my parcel! The email contained the item information, delivery method, tracking number, as well as where to track it.
♡ June 22nd: My parcel arrived at my door early in the morning. My mailman again called the number on the parcel to verify I'd be home, collected my signature, and delivered the envelope! ♡

Just as before, I'm thrilled with the service from DEJAPAN. Despite this being an independent purchase, I had no problems with bidding or payments for won bids. With the bid I lost, the auction was displayed on my page so I was aware I wasn't charged for lost attempts. Consolidation and shipping were simple and my parcel arrived in perfect condition only a few days after I paid shipping. Thank you all for taking the time to read my entry and I hope this may have cleared any doubts you may have had using a shopping service or DEJAPAN in particular! Enjoy your shopping, lovelies~

With love, always,

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